Pay It Forward

One of the ways we put God’s love into practice at Compass is by handing out cash.

The first Saturday of each month we give it to one or two people, usually $50 or $100.  But it’s how the recipients handle this money that makes it a mission-shaped practice.

If you would like to receive this cash we have three guidelines:

1.  You cannot use it for yourself…sorry no new shoes or gadgets for you…or for someone in our church family.

2.  Pray that God will lead you to someone you can bless with no strings attached.  Your goal is to shock them with kindness.  Some examples are…leaving a large tip, paying $100 for a $1 piece of junk at a yard sale, pickup the tab for the customer behind you at the checkout, or hire someone looking for work to mow the single mother’s yard in your neighborhood (a double blessing).  If they ask you why, let me know you’re part of a community that looks to show God’s love in tangible ways.  If they want to pay you back, ask them to pay it forward.

3. Share the following week how the experience impacted you personally.  Was there anything new you experienced or learned about God?

Why Pay it Forward?

The church should be the instrument of God’s undeserved kindness.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  In Christ we have received the greatest gift, one we cannot possibly pay back.  All we can do is pay it forward, in hopes that our tiny gifts direct the attention of others to the Great Gift.  No $50 or $100 isn’t much.  But given repeatedly with intentionality, will it not create waves of kindness in our community?

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  1. Lianro says:

    Love this act of service so much! I ‘gave’ this last week and felt so blessed to be able to give like this. The recipient just stared at me and said ‘thanks’ with a super surprised, astonished voice. He looked back at me when he was walking away and sort of shook his head in disbelief. I wish I could do this every week! I am definitely inspired to pay it forward more often! Surprising strangers with gifts (of any kind) is super rewarding!

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