Journeying with Compass part 2

I love it when God’s churches get together, that is us in case you were not aware.  We get to spend time in worship, share our God stories, and meet children that are struggling to know God, when they have an absentee parent.

In my own family that was the case, my kids struggle even today to know whether or not God loves them or whether He is just a distant God that created us and left us on own own to fend for ourselves. I had that conversation with one of our youth today. My heart aches for her. I so long for her to experience The Father’s love. All I can do is become the hands and feet of Jesus, hug her, encourage her, and lift her up to my Heavenly Father.

I love how God orchestrates  each of our lives to help us, including my sons to finally get that love, so they can bloom and blossom.

I saw several evidences of it this week at Compass. A person filled with a lack of forgiveness for years set free after another says he is sorry and is free to confess  his part in it. A person that doesn’t really know God gets a position after losing one just the day before when businesses should be laying off, as it is the end of season. Instead she is hired right on the spot with a raise and health benefits, as well. A baby struggling to be born as her great grandmother prayed a new doctor came on the scene and a change in the strategy, mother and baby are both doing fine.

I used to put God in a box, not so anymore. I have no clue the lengths that God will go and the things he will orchestrate just to have “His kids” finally “get it”

When that happened 2000 plus years ago, when a lot of churches got together to pray and seek God’s face, all at once ” Pentecost”, today it will be the “Latter Rain”!  I long for that day when God’s children will be set free to truly know Him, what an awesome worship that will be!  Today we see  in part as our older youth learned today, but soon we will be able to see God’s love more clearly. I truly long for that day.

Today in the adult session we learned that just like we need a physical check-up we also need a spiritual check-up. we learned 11 ways that we can know whether or not we are growing spiritually. Here are the 11 things

  1. Do you thirst for God?
  2. Are you governed increasingly by God’s word?
  3. Are you more loving ?
  4. Are you more sensitive to God’s presence?
  5. Do you have a growing concern for the spiritual needs and the temporal needs of others?
  6. Do you delight in the bride of Christ?
  7. Are the spiritual disciplines increasingly important to you?
  8. Do you still grieve over sin, your sin and the sins of others?
  9. Are you a quicker forgiver?
  10. Do you yearn for heaven and to be with Jesus?
  11. Is your faith in God growing?

As you journey with us,  and experience trials, I hope you will realize that God gives us these trials to help us realize where we are in the great scheme of things, and to do a spiritual check-up then take them to the Great Physician, that you might grow spiritually. Have a blessed and God honoring week.

Remember no church next week. We will resume this journey on May 17th 2014.

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