Compass Journey Continues

What a day yesterday was as ” Can’t Say No” came to journey with us and led us into worship. A surprising event was when Beverley Bell asked me if she could do special music and I agreed. We never knew what an awesome voice she had even though she has been journeying with us for a few years. She received a standing ovation to her rendition of  ” My Redeemer Lives” in the style of Crystal Lewis.

Jalexis Hart led out in the check in question. She choose a scripture about God being our comforter and from her scripture she asked each one of us where we go for comfort when the going gets rough?

This month our youth are participating in worship, last month in service. They are learning the four points of the compass and putting them into practice.

There are plans by our youth for drama later on this month, and more involvement in different aspects of worship. We are so proud of our young people at Compass and want them to be up front as many times as they choose, after all they are the church. We want them to know how needed they are. I never forgot what little Miss Andrea told her Mom. I have to go to church, my church needs me. She was only 7 years of age when she told her mom this.

Lunch was no exception, even though it wasn’t our youth’s month to participate in service I saw many of them washing down tables and sweeping the floor after lunch, as I ministered to a young man who had left  church many years ago because of all the rules, when he was growing up. He was given rules but no means of carrying them out. In church for years, but didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, nor his Heavenly Father. It was because he had no relation with His Heavenly Father that he was filled with fear about end time events. I can  understand that because that used to be where I was. In church for 30 years with no personal relationship with my Savior nor His Father, just living in fear of what was to come. What a sad commentary on what “church” has done to some of our young people from years past.

I had the honor of sharing my Heavenly Father with him. It is my prayer that he will continue to journey with us and finally meet his Heavenly Father who according to 1 John 4:18 fills us with His love and cast out all fear. Lord help us to lose the legalism and make a way for all your children to get to know You. Help us to realize it is not about the rules but experiencing Your love and when we experience Your love, You will write those rules on our hearts as You promised, as the Holy Spirit gives us power to do them. Have a blessed and God honoring week.

Next week we will start Transformations by Rick Warren an 8 week series on empowering God’s people in seven different areas of our lives. I am already starting to set goals and with God’s power and strength will carry them out.

Here are a couple of excerpts from our service

Beverley’s song

Can’t Say No

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