Compass Kids Shine

What a blessing today was as our youth led out in worship. Not only did they lead out in worship, but God ordained the whole worship how it was put together, one piece at a time. Lots of glitches in the system yet accepted because we are a Place of Grace.

Our Wyldlife kids and I got to share our experiences at Southwind Camp near Ocala and to plead for more Wyldlife Leaders so other kids at Murdock Middle School (which currently does not have a program because of not enough leaders) can come to camp and hear about Jesus through Wyldlife and become disciples. There was so much love poured out at Southwind on Kids and Leaders as well. I long for Compass Communities to have that kind of love for each other and all those that enter our doors.

What I love about Compass is the youth feel good about inviting a friend to church, like it is a normal everyday thing.

I love seeing our youth grow and shine as Alivia did today as she sang,           ” Jesus Take the Wheel”  as a solo without music.

Thank you Junior Praise Team for a job well done, and Andrea for your video contribution.

Our youth are anxiously waiting for next week when they will have a pool party for participating this last month learning to do service with a smile at Compass Communities. This month they will choose a different event as they will be participating in worship all month. As our youth learn to do our four points of our Compass; Worship, serve, Equip, and Nurture.

There was more spiritual growth today in our earli-teen, as she is learning to find love and acceptance and to open up to Jesus who just loves her immensely the way she is.

Have a wonderful God-honoring week as we remember those Stones or Mile Markers  in our life. Constant reminders of God’s love and assurance as He continues to grow His people.

Southwind Camp where so many youth came into God’s story and stopped writing their own story.




Early Mornings  at 6 am with God, pouring out our hearts for the youth that we brought with us. God provided such  beautiful scenery to do this in, including Sand Hill Cranes . We had 11th-12th graders, as well as, college student prayer warriors all over the campus giving a month of their time to win younger youth to Christ, doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, serving tables all to reach the youth we brought with us. I have never seen so many teenagers sold out to Christ and evangelism.  I have never felt so much love in one place to reach a lost world…and the army…  teenagers, go figure! It was the best week of my life. The Holy Spirit showed up big time as we called out to God to reach a lost generation for His Kingdom.


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