Leaving room for the Holy Spirit

Today was such an awesome journey at Compass, as our youth prepared for their drama “Set me free” by Casting Crowns. They were all jittery, afraid to mess up. I loved how their leader Pam put it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you mess up or not it isn’t about you. It is about Jesus and how He came to set the captive free.

They did such an awesome job presenting their message about how easy it is to get led into sin because Satan makes it look so glamorous, then you are hooked. Hooked by the lies we believe about ourselves and about Jesus.

I just love Compass Communities as I look around me and see how the Holy Spirit planned worship from a song that wasn’t on the planned list to the message on Emotional Health to our youth’s message on Setting the Captive Free. All of it fit together like we planned it that way to show the awesome message that God became man, then died on the cross to set the captive free. I am thankful that we have no bulletin to have every moment mapped out for us, we leave room for the Holy Spirit, and work together as a team with Him to make worship flow smoothly.

I looked around me today and saw all my leaders, all broken people that God is changing from glory to glory and now using them to set other captives free at Compass Communities.
I just praise my Heavenly Father, a God that totally adores us, dotes on us than uses that love to transform His children into the image of His son. Next week Transformed in Our Relationships. Have a Blessed and God-honoring week as we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in Transforming us. Here is an excerpt from our youth ministry.

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