The Journey Continues

It is hard to believe I haven’t posted for several weeks. It was great to get away to the mountains and the deer were awesome, visiting family was a joy. Nothing like some down time to experience God in a deeper way. It is also wonderful to return refreshed and filled with God’s Holy Spirit.

What a journey I have been on during the last three weeks. We at Compass Communities have been using the book “Transformed” by Rick Warren. We have been setting goals in spiritual health, physical health, and this week mental health. Last week when I presented I felt strongly about having the whole body present as the message was on Physical Health but more than that God showed me some really difficult things while I was away. He showed me things to do with addictions in a spirit filled Christian. If we claim to have a deep relationship with Christ then God has given us all the power that He used to raise Jesus from the dead living inside of us to set us free. If we still struggle with addictions, it is because we want to struggle.
That was really hard for me as I have struggled with food since I was 10 years old. But it also helped me to come to terms with what I read as truth. When I choose to submit myself to God when I am tempted, and quote scripture I have victory and Satan has to flee as he did when Jesus did. When I don’t do this, when I am tempted, then I fall.

Why is this important? In this series called “Transformed”, if we set our goals in each of the seven key areas without this realization, then we will set ourselves up to fail. It will be no different then making New Years Resolutions that we don’t keep.

We here at Compass long to look like Jesus. It is our Mission Statement “to live and love like Jesus”. If we continue to make excuses for our bad habits, it will eventually make us very weak Christians. Jesus says in His word that His power is perfected in our weaknesses.

It is my prayer that we will recognize how awesome our God is, that He not only called us out of darkness, but He equips us daily to defeat the enemy in His strength not ours, as we learn to allow God to transform us in each of these 7 areas.We are looking forward to learning about our Emotional Health, Relational Health, Financial Health, and Vocational Health and how all these areas relate to our relationship with God and each other.

This Sabbath our youth will have a get together to practice their play for next Sabbath right after church, as well as to reward them for their service during the last month. It has been great to see them getting more and more involved in what is going on at Compass. It is good to see them growing in Christ, as well as dreaming about what will happen when they recognize how important they are to God’s mission at Compass, the church will explode with so many new members we will need a bigger place. I can’t wait to see the river getting deeper and deeper until nothing will stop it. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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