Wyldlife Camp

This weekend being away at camp with my Wyldlife kids led me into a deeper understanding of God’s grace.

Our church has chosen to use Wyldlife Camp experience for kids to grow our church. I am the only one involved in Wyldlife, you know it is the pastor’s job to reach souls for Christ or so you would think but not so at Compass Communities. I actually go into the schools and meet kids and invite some of them to Wyldlife and just journey with other kids that don’t attend. Then go play crazy games with them and get to share my best friend Jesus with them for a few minutes each time. Then comes camp, I take them there as well. That being said, it is the whole church body that nurtures these kids, transports them when I can’t, shows up for all the fundraisers, and even hosts some of them all to raise money for these kids so they can go to camp.

It was amazing for the last several weekends to watch as our whole church body showed up to get their cars washed, hosted a garage sale for 4 weeks in a row,or bought items.all to help them to raise money for their camp experience.

The money being raised or donated at the last minute paid for 9 youth’s camp experience along with some of their parent’s contributions.

Now I am at camp with 9 kids our church has been journeying with (some through fundraisers) and three new kids on the block, in the midst of this I experienced God’s grace. First of all it was His grace that got us here in the first place, it was a lot of money to raise, over $1700 in 5 weeks. We couldn’t have done it without a wonderful church family that loves these kids and supports our mission, plus a whole lot of strangers God impressed to stop by to support our cause.

Some of our kids were concerned that the new kids on the block might wreck their intimate relationships with each other so we discussed this and how it was their jobs to show God’s love, the very love they experienced just last year at this camp.

We were at club and I was sitting there singing to one of my charges that felt she was totally worthless. It was a secular song but God can use anything He chooses to reach His kids. The song was, You are so amazing just the way you are. All of a sudden my Wyldlife girls that had been journeying with me for a while came through for me and turned around and also started singing this song to my young friend who thought she had no value and I saw a transformation right before my eyes. The flood gates became open and she shared her heart with us, and then accepted Jesus as her personal Savior.

It took the girls allowing Jesus to work through them to reach one of His kids and show her the value He places on her for her to finally come to terms with a few things.

I am so excited about the journey I and my church members are on because you see I couldn’t do it without a whole body of loving caring people to back me up, to nurture my kids and bring them into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Thank you Compass Communities for making this experience for me possible. You are an awesome group of believers and I so love journeying with you.

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