Another Party in Heaven




I felt like a kid at Christmas time. This has been the longest month in history. The anticipation of what would happen on March 28th 2015 at 5 pm, I could hardly contain myself.What an awesome day yesterday was as 10 souls not 8 as I said the beginning of this month, gave their hearts and lives to Jesus in Baptism. it was a privilege to baptize my Wyldlife kids and one of their moms, along with our Homeless friends.

There absolutely was a party going on in heaven so we celebrated here as well with a pool party at the Port Charlotte Beach Complex. It was a privilege to accept Delores Brooker into fellowship by profession of faith as well the previous week. Compass Communities is growing in leaps and bounds. I know that Net 2014 with Dave Smith had a lot to do with it as we at Compass are learning to love like Jesus does, vomit and all.

Have a blessed and God-honoring week as we prepare for the Seder next week.

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