Seeing God Moving in your Circumstances

Have you ever looked at how the gospel went from Pentecost to spreading all over the known world at the time of the early disciples ?
You see the early disciples had gotten complacent. They were happy meeting in each other’s homes and hanging out in or near Jerusalem.

God had other plans, He wanted the good news to go everywhere. God sometimes uses adversity to get us out of our comfort zones. It took persecution to help the early disciples to become scattered all over the then known world.

Tomorrow the 5th of December 2015 we will be hosting an outreach for Compass Communities. We have become complacent. We are happy to stay where we are instead of getting out of our comfort zones to meet other people. It is sort of like saying build it and they will come, but the Bible says “Go” ye into all the world.

God is going to use the adversity of a Christmas lunch and party for the shelter in our church home to bring us out of our comfort zones to Franz Ross Park tomorrow. I pray that it will be as successful as the early church when they were dispersed to different locations to spread the gospel. It is my prayer we will see God moving in our circumstances to spread the Good News. Have a great day today and every day as we journey together with God!

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