IMG_0249 What an awesome day we had today as we heard from our Wyldlife Kids. Alivia and Joseph both went to camp last week and Alivia accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. She told about the darkness that was in her life and when she  accepted Jesus how it went away and she had peace. Joseph is still seeking to know  Jesus and is willing to do Bible studies, however the change camp made in him was very noticeable by his Mom. She said he came back a changed person. Please pray for our Wyldlife Kids, we are sponsoring five of them.

We had a pool party to celebrate Alivia’s decision and to honor Joseph’s change in his relationship with his Mom.

Pool Party to Celebrate Alivia's decision to accept Jesus as her personal Savior

Pool Party to Celebrate Alivia’s decision to accept Jesus as her personal Savior

On another note Pathfinder Club will start up next Saturday night at 6:30 pm -8:30 pm at Beverley’s Home on Como Street in Port Charlotte. We will have an Ice Cream Social to meet and greet, name our club, and choose which Honors the kids want to work on. We are excited about the prospect of reaching kids for Christ through Pathfinders. We are using it as an Evangelistic Effort along with Wyldlife.

Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed and God-honoring week until the next time.

Thank you Can’t say No for blessing us today with your talents!!