Children’s Corner

A Tea Party With Jesus

Bethany is a five year old little girl, I pick up sometimes with her grandma and sometimes by herself. I love our conversations, she is such a wise young lady, wise beyond her years. But this one conversation really disturbed me. She says out of the clear blue “I don’t think I will be able to go to heaven Pastor Donna because I am sometimes really bad. I told her it isn’t what you do that determines that,it is who you know. You need to get to know Jesus. She says,” how do you get to know Jesus? ” You pray to him which is just talking to Him like you would do to a friend. You also listen to Bible stories about Jesus and God.

She said, ” I don’t have time for that!” So I explained that she really did have time to pray before she went to school and ask Jesus to help her control her temper as she has ADHD and some anger issues. So she says, ” if I held a Tea Party for Jesus, do you think He would come?” So I assured her He would and after she got out I broke out in tears, to be that young and have those kind of thoughts about being lost!

So I prayed Lord help me to show her what You think about her. Thus our church planned a TeaParty for her and our other kids.

We brought in our best china, had it catered from Publix thanks to our children’s leader, Miss Pam. Then had a minute man play the part of Jesus as Tyler read parts of Psalms 139 and The Father’s Love Letter, the Children’s version to them.

Bethany, who is usually a little chatterbox, sat there silently glued to Tyler, listening and hanging on his every word, as he played the part of Jesus. After we were finished, and we showed picture after picture, (thanks to our camera man, Chris), of all the people God had put in each of the children’s path to love on them but especially Bethany while her mom was working such long hours.

We had a very thoughtful conversation on the way home. “That wasn’t really Jesus was it Pastor Donna?” Well yes it was His words that Jesus spoke to you through Tyler. You’ll find those words in His Bible. She said, ” Oh” and had such a contented look on her face. The tea party with Jesus was such a success and well worth the effort, if it helped a little girl know how loved by God she is!

We have had many more conversations together since, all such thought provoking ones. This little girl is just wise beyond her years. God has some awesome plans for my little Bethany and to add to this. This little girl can sing! Listen to her sing, ” Change my heart O God” and I can tell you my eyes aren’t dry because I know she means every word of it.

Until next time have a great week and remember God loves you no matter what you have done. How do I know? He said “no” to His son Jesus and allowed Him to die on the cross for us when we were at our worse according to Romans 5 and John 3:16.