Compass Communities started our 40 days of fasting and prayer on January 1, 2014, to reach Port Charlotte for God’s Kingdom. We are a growing group of believers that takes the Bible at its word and expect miracles.  Last year we not only had spiritual growth  during our 21 day fast but also many answered prayers, included in this was the healing of  7 year old Andrea who had been sick since a baby. We were so blessed by this experience that we have extended it this year to 40 days of fasting. Today was awesome I saw a friend of mine come to church after much prayer for her. Last week she asked me, “Why don’t we have Eggplant Parmesan for dinner on Fridays at the CCHC Soup Kitchen ? Was told because the eggplant doesn’t come in anymore. She stated well you pray to your God and if it comes in I will come to church next week with you. Well the next day I asked our entire church to pray for Eggplant. On Monday when the produce came in there was an entire case on the truck. My friend was in church today because we are a praying church..

One that believes in miracles. 

 And on another note:

Ann just became a new believer two weeks ago. The first thing she did was to dedicate Baby Chase to the Lord.


Baby Chase


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