Youth Focus

What a great day today was as we continued with our youth focus. This week Andrea and Jessica led out with all the youth participating in the musical part of our service. Jessica chose to address what type of people make good friends to hang around, and followed up with a check in question about what type of friends do you hang around with?

Andrea, who was healed two years ago at Compass this week, fittingly chose what does it mean to be a Christian? You must die to self and rise to a new life in Christ. Andrea truly knows what this means, as she now rises in newness of life in Christ, as her mom was told that she would not live to be a teenager. She is almost nine years old and a true follower of Christ. She will go far in her service for Christ. She has an awesome voice and uses it for His glory.

Emily ended our youth emphasis as she shared her testimony about how she is growing in Christ.
Mike and Kate ended our youth emphasis with Deep calls out to deep. Thanks guys for an awesome time of renewal and worship.

Next week we will be starting a brand new series by Andy Stanley, “In the meantime”. It addresses the cry of most of our people’s hearts in the midst of their storms, where is God and is He angry at me? See you all next week. Have a God-honoring week this week, as you put our youth’s presentations into practice.

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