A party in Heaven

Yesterday was such an awesome Sabbath so much love flowing as minuteman came and filled in the gaps when our band had car trouble and couldn’t make it.
We discussed our great commission to Go into the world to preach the gospel to baptize them, making disciples of all nations.

We also discussed what it looks like to love your neighbor as yourself and discovered that we can’t love our neighbor if we don’t love ourselves first. What does that love look like? Jesus patterned it, He left the crowds of people and went and got His needs met in His Father’s presence. He recognized that is where His direction came from, His power, where the love and compassion flowed from. He showed us that we can’t love our neighbors until we do this one thing for our selves.

Our service was culminated with a special song from our little ones This little light of mine, and Joseph Gray being voted into membership pending his baptism. Joseph sang his favorite song, Scandal of Grace to close.
A special dinner was held for Joseph as his entire family was there to witness his baptism. Why is this exciting, because generally Joseph and his sisters are the only ones that come to church.

Our church members are sold out to Christ and they pick up all the kids in their neighborhoods and take them to church without their parents. Then we just love on these kids.

What an exciting time we are in and what an awesome ministry to not only reach the homeless but to reach Kids for God’s kingdom.
January 1, 2015 will start our 60 day fast as well as our first evangelistic series we will be doing. We will be fasting and praying for our community.We are looking to give up the things that keep us from knowing God and having more time for prayer. Please turn in your fasts next Saturday.
Next week Anita will be presenting.

Have a blessed and God honoring week.

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