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Lynn Peck’s Baptism

What an awesome day yesterday was from “Can’t Say No” leading us into worship to the presentation “God is closer than you think”. And He was, as I realized it in the wee hours of this morning. He was there in Lynn who had, had no sleep running right from caring for people to pick up Eugene to load up sound equipment in her vehicle at our home to set it up under Clarence’s direction, who just had surgery on Thursday but still came to run the sound system.

God was there, as lots of our people ministered to our shelter kids from getting them hot chocolate, to just loving on them, and then Pam teaching them about our Savior. They get to meet our Savior every week. Their parents get a much needed break, we get to be the hands and feet of Jesus for our kids and later for their parents when they come and join us for lunch and occasionally church. What an honor is ours each and every week for such an opportunity.

If this wasn’t enough to have Lynn, who was already spirit- filled, be baptized  by immersion because she had never experienced that coming from another religious background. Lynn had journeyed with us two years ago but work took her to Naples. What a celebration yesterday was!

If you are reading this and live in the area we hope you will consider journeying with us here at Compass Communities.

There will be no church May 10th 2014 instead you will have two opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus, one to volunteer at our church location for the postal food  drive from 11 am to 3 pm or to help raise money for our Wyldlife kids to go to camp by purchasing tickets in advance for a car wash then have your car washed between 10-2 pm on the 10th of May at Chick-Fil-A. Have a blessed and God honoring week as we continue to journey together at Compass Communities. Remember our mission: To live and love like Jesus.

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