Becoming Incarnational

What an awesome day last Saturday was as we experienced the testimony of Spiro Miras who was our guest speaker. Those that were homeless resignated with him because he became incarnational and spent time with them before he spoke, he knew each of their names and something about them. They felt like he was one of them and it gave them hope that the same Jesus that healed him of Bi-polar disease would heal them as well. A few of them made a commitment to try vegetarianism. Thank you for coming and sharing your family with us.

One of our youth went home and purged her phone after speaking to our guest speaker’s wife. She also became kinder to her Mom. Her mom who does not go to church likes the new look. It is my prayer that eventually her mom will join us as well.

We ended the day with a pool party to celebrate our youth’s contributions to Compass last month by learning what service means. All the youth that attended the pool party had to do service in order to be able to participate. This month they are working on participating in worship for a month. Then they get a choice of how they want to celebrate.

Several of our youth will be joining in a Bible study this summer to prepare for baptism. It is our prayer that our youth will lead their parents to join them.

Have a wonderful and God honoring week as you seek Him with all your hearts.

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