“And a little child shall lead them”

It has been a while since I shared what is on my heart but today I have something to blog about. It is about faith in our children. They say that the first 5 years of your child’s life is the most important to shaping your child in how they will respond in any given situation. On Saturday after church we had practice at our home for youth day which is coming up this Saturday.

Ten kids poured their hearts and souls out so they could shine for Jesus next week. I had promised them that when they finished practicing that they could swim for a little while, a thanks for all their effort.

When they were done rehearsing, all of a sudden you could hear thunder. My husband looked at the radar and told us that it was suppose to continue non stop until 8 pm that night.

I told the kids we might have to have a rain check on the swimming, that the only way we wouldn’t is if we prayed and asked Jesus to stop the rain. So they all bowed their heads as I prayed.

Then Miss Esther started to play games with them for a few minutes to see if the storm was going to pass. The kids told me that they were hungry so I told them to go outside in a safe area and I would bring them out some water melon. After the second snack I went inside for just a minute and came back outside and there was Little Noria and her twin sister Ailya 9 year olds, leading 8 kids on their own to speak to Jesus. They were each repeating what Noria said together in unity. She lead  them in a lengthy prayer and then said Amen. At the end of the prayer they waited expectantly chanting Jesus thank you for making the rain, thunder and lightning stop so we can swim. In just a few minutes the rain stopped, the sun came out and the thunder and lightning stopped long enough for those kids to get in 15-20 minutes of swimming before the clouds started coming back and the thunder and lightning return.

You may think that it was just the natural course of events but I believe like the kids that their Heavenly Father heard their cry and heard their faith and stopped the course of events because His kids prayed in faith.

The rain, thunder and lightning returned in full force and flooded the streets and knocked the transformer out behind our home but our kids got their time to swim because of their faith.

It reminded me of the text in the Bible where the disciples were rebuking parents that were bringing children to Jesus so that He might lay His hands on them. Jesus turned around and said the following,  ” Permit the  children to come to Me and do not hinder them: for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

And a little child shall lead them. As I watched these kids pray and God answered it reminded me of another big child (me) that prayed the same prayer and a Heavenly Father that responded in the same way and sent that storm out to sea before our very eyes, so we could worship with our homeless friends.

We serve a big God that cares so much for His children if we would have the faith of these kids and expect that God will come through for us, awesome things can happen. Have a blessed week and anticipate the testimony these kids will have next week as they share about their big God that stopped the rain because they prayed. Looking forward to youth Sabbath.

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